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About Nistiryya

Your Health is our Priority!

NISTIRYYA is an organic idea of a set of two friends who have transformed their lives by changing their lives to conscious living over the last two years. The vision of Nistiryya is to educate and create awareness to the masses about the importance of organic & natural food in our lives. It is a brand that has been created with the pure intention of providing organically & naturally grown/manufactured food products. The people behind Nistiryya have pledged to ethically source chemical-free, eco-friendly, wholesome, natural & premium products.

Why choose Nistiryya?

100% Unprocessed

We bring raw & pure honey with no additives & preservatives.

No additives

Authentic Varieties

Our varieties are 100% natural & contain no artificial flavors.

Zero Added Sugar

Packed with no added sugar syrup or adulterants.

Hassle-Free Delivery

Nationwide super fast delivery at your doorstep.

I strive to put health at the forefront of everything I do. With Nistiryya, I aim to provide everyone with products that are intact with natural & organic goodness.

Manoj Kathuria

- CEO Nistiryya

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How We Work?

  • We believe in ethical and finest practices of harvesting honey and extract only when it fully comes of age, which ensures all the natural ingredients are preserved.
  • While we harvest honey to maintain its natural taste and nutrients, we are extra cautious about hygiene during the bottling and packaging stage.
  • We follow a stern procedure for the overall harvesting process and monitor every stage closely. 
  • We invest a generous amount of time in training our teams to promote sustainable and systematic practice.
  • We are NMR Tested, USFDA Certified, FSSAI Approved, ISO Certified, and APEDA registered.

Mr. Manoj Kathuria


Where It All Started

Meet Our Founder

After completing B.Tech, I have worked in the corporate sector for five years in Digital Marketing & Operations. Learning from my transformation journey, I realized that taking care of one’s health is the most important and unfortunately mostly ignored area of our life. Adopting conscious & clean food eating habits and myself losing 25 kgs in a year, I decided and envisioned to educate & create the awareness of natural & organic food to the masses.
I firmly believe – “Time is Now”


See Why Customers Love Nistiryya

Our customers are the center of our universe & this is why we do what we do!

Based on 13 reviews
Deepak Kathuria
Deepak Kathuria
Best organic honey that I have tried till now. Ajwain honey Provides quick relief for sore throat. Also liked its berry natural flavour in green tea/dry fruits/pan cakes etc. Timely delivery & sturdy packaging made the overall experience even better. Must try.
Smita singh
Smita singh
The most nutritious & yummiest honey🍯..There is a taste of purity in every drop..A must try..✨
Akanksha Batra
Akanksha Batra
The best organic honey 🍯 I have ever used. There is no sugar residue at the bottom even in coldest of the weather conditions which is a problem with most honey available in the market. Also since it is sugar free, it's good for health. I personally loved the Berry Honey .... Amazing and delicious.....good packaging also...... Must try with dry fruits and pan cakes. Gonna order again.
garima kathuria
garima kathuria
This is the best honey that I have ever tried. The berry honey adds a very good taste to my salads and the ajwain honey with lemon in the morning just makes my day.
chhavi mehandiratta
chhavi mehandiratta
Must try , one of best organic honey with good texture and taste !
rashmi kathuria
rashmi kathuria
Genuine honey I was looking for my baby and family. Thanks Nistiryya for making it available. Love both the flavors: Berry and Ajwain. Will come back with repeated orders.
Aditi Khattar
Aditi Khattar
The honey is completely organic and delicious. Highly recommended!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to most common questions you may have regarding Nistiryya. Also, if you can’t find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us directly.

What is Pure Honey?

In its simplest form, pure honey is gently extracted & filtered with nothing being added to the honey. There are no sweeteners, oils, or flavors added without making the honey tasteless. Try our honey and you would know.

What are the benefits of Pure Honey?

Our pure honey has naturally healing properties such as:

  1. Anti-bacterial
  2. Anti-microbial
  3. Anti-inflammatory
Why does our honey look or taste different from others?

Pure Honey comes in many colors and variants and is determined by the types of flowers the bees visited for nectar. Few are light and sweet, others are dark and bold. We have both varieties, choose the one you like and enjoy!

How do we know honey is pure? Does pure honey get crystallized? Is it normal?
  1. If honey is left for a while in the cupboard (for weeks and months), the honey in opened jars may start separating into different layers if it is not pure. However, this should not be confused with the naturally occurring crystallization process that is a sign of good honey.

  2. Pure honey usually stays where it is and takes a while to drip down. If honey drips down quickly, it usually has added ingredients such as rapeseed oil.

  3. As a natural process, honey sometimes crystallizes, and to return this to its regular ‘spreadable’ consistency it needs to be warmed. When warmed up, honey that is not pure tends to bubble rather than melt.
Why is Pure Honey expensive?
  1. As a thumb rule, the cheaper the honey, the more likely it is to be adulterated, blended, mixed with additives, etc. The best honey has innumerable health benefits, and a small amount is produced in batches, so it’s priced accordingly.

  2. Our beekeepers deserve compensation for their expert knowledge of plant and animal biology, and the hard & tedious manual work they do in our remote beehive sites to produce 100% pure honey.
Will my parcel arrive safely?

We pack our Honey in Kraft paper Honeycomb wraps that help secure bottle without exposing it to any breakage, and that is further packed in 3-ply corrugated printed boxes and then shipped through trusted shipping partners

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