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Nistiryya- A promise of natural wellness

Word Nistiryya is derived from two sanskrit words निसर्ग (Nisarga) which means Nature & तिर्यञ्च् (TiryaJc) which means Organic. Nistiryya’s vision is to educate and aware the masses about the importance of natural and organic food and be conscious of choosing the right food products.

Nistiryya’s pure intention is to bring change in people’s lives by providing organically and naturally grown/manufactured food products, and we have proudly started our journey. Team Nistiryya has pledged to ethically source chemical-free, eco-friendly, wholesome, natural & premium products.

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Where It All Started?

NISTIRYYA is an organic idea of a set of two friends who have transformed their lives by changing their lives to conscious living over the last two years. The vision of Nistiryya is to educate and create awareness to the masses about the importance of organic & natural food in our lives. It is a brand that has been created with the pure intention of providing organically & naturally grown/manufactured food products. The people behind Nistiryya have pledged to ethically source chemical-free, eco-friendly, wholesome, natural & premium products.

The bright orange color of Nistiryya represents the vibrancy, excitement, positive & high energies we have in our vision. With a spiritual mindset, compassion & responsibility towards our society, the young team behind Nistiryya has pledged to leave no stone unturned in their vision to provide all products of The Organic Origin – the WHOLE SOUL MANTRA of NISTIRYYA. We are motivated, optimistic, and enthusiastic to embark upon a new journey!

Our Incredible Edible Honey

Our honey variants are completely raw, natural & 100% pure. Regardless of what you choose, you are guaranteed to love ’em all!

Honey is definitely a healthier alternative to refined sugars available in the market. It is available in multiple varieties out of which we have Ajwain & Berry Honey. Our honey is collected by installing bee colonies inside the field of blooming Berry & Ajwain herb plants respectively. We do not use added flavors or other extracts in the formation of our honey which makes it 100% organic & natural. Our honey offers all major health benefits along with great taste.