Premium CTC Tea 600gms

Premium CTC Tea 600gms


  • Taste: Strong & Brisk character
    Serve: Hot
    Leaf: Second Flush, BPSteps for making tea (serves 2):
    Boil 1.5 cup water
    Add 1tsp of Premium CTC Tea
    Boil it for 2min
    Add 1 cup of hot milk
    Boil it for 4 minutes
    Serve with honey/jaggery as per taste preference.
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We all have some or the other memories attached to Chai because it’s never just a cup of tea. It could be your tapri vali chai with your friends or colleagues, it could be late-night chai while group studies in a hostel, it could be your evening chai with bhajiyaas in the rainy season and the list is endless. We too have our chai memories in creating the brand we are today and we want to create endless memories with all of you. Nistiryya Premium Tea, sourced solely from India, understands different taste preferences and hence our tea experts have chosen purely single estate whole tea leaves unblended with inferior quality tea leaves that Chai Lovers across India will enjoy. We choose the best Tea Estates of the finest Tea growing regions of Dooars. With every cup of Nistiryya’s tea, you will have an authentic tea experience with a promise of consistency in taste, aroma & strength.

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